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Лаура Тененбаум

Лаура Тененбаум

Climate change & Scientific Communicator, NASA

Laura Tenenbaum is an award-winning globally recognized innovator in science and climate communication. She is the former Senior Science Editor of NASA’s Global Climate Change website at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) where she reported on sea level rise, ice mass loss and regional climate impacts. She traveled to Greenland multiple times with a NASA suborbital campaign to report on the rate of ice mass loss around Greenland’s coastline.

Tenenbaum currently writes for Forbes.com and Weather.com and her own book, SCI-CURIOUS: How Anyone Can Be a Citizen Scientist in an Age of Climate Change Denial & Internet Hoaxes. She was an adjunct professor in Physical Science and wrote, produced and edited an oceanography video series to accompany Pearson Higher Education’s Essentials of Oceanography textbook.

She combines personality, emotionality and a sense of humor with scientific expertise and can translate complex scientific jargon into language the public can comprehend without compromising scientific accuracy or nuance. She works to broaden the scientific community and foster a motivated and enthusiastic science literate society that will be ready to take on the huge environmental challenges we face.

Tenenbaum lived in Southeast Asia and travelled extensively, which informed, shaped and influenced her perspectives and worldview. She has a MS degree in Marine Science and taught SCUBA in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

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