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Invest Summit

Investments without borders

We will unite investments, business and startups for your successful deal

27 November 2018
Kyiv / NSC Olimpiyskiy

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Invest Summit

Summit mission

The Mission of the Invest Summit is to combine innovative proposals and relevant solutions for like-minded people in the areas of investment, business and StartUps.

Each of our speakers personally passed the stage of formation in a big business, is an expert, and is ready to provide the public with only the most profitable cases and the best options for their development.

Conduct business negotiations, enter into successful deals, get practical advice from funds, meet developers from the most innovative parts of the world.


We offer a completely updated and improved format that:

Will help the

to find a successful project

Will help the StartUp project

to attract the necessary investments

Will help to an entrepreneur

to form further steps for the implementation of the idea

Will provide the beginner

with endless networking, creative ideas, and high-quality content


An international platform, connecting investments, business, and startups. Make your most successful deal
countries presenters
and sponsors
Kyiv will become a meeting place for the key players in the market in business, entrepreneurship, and technology of the future


Brand ambassador

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisor and Consultant, Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD, TOP 2 ICO Bench

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Investment funds

More than 200+ funds are invited

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The program of the forum covers the most relevant areas of knowledge

Stage 1 Experts speeches (Keynotes)
Registration of participants
Investment rules

Investment rules from investors = a guide for startups and projects about the value and presentation of the project.
Get to know from the original source – how does investor look to make the investment.

The most profitable investment in your life ...

How to increase the productivity of the brain and quickly process large amounts of information to achieve extraordinary results.

Attracting Investors? Spread your startup's voice online!

Attracting investors online at all stages of product development: practical guidance and trends

Coffee Break
Investment Protection and positive Investor Communication.

A balanced approach for the management, shareholders, and investors: mitigate associated business risks and communicate your project positively to matching investors.

From career at Apple to Investing in Tech: my story
Investing in legal technology. Legaltek is a new Fintek?

Meeting international investments laws lists: safety for the participants of the investment process.
Implementation of the international experience in the Ukrainian realities

Digital twinning, tokenization and fractional ownership will change the investment landscape

Moving forward into the Internet of Value, creating digital replicas of assets by tokenizing them. New investment vehicles will unlock, more accessible, open and transparent for the crowd. Resulting in more community owned and based projects serving the people around the world.

Coffee Break
The present and future of terminals for buying / selling cryptocurrency
Investing in decentralized projects

2017 is a period of decentralized projects hype and high-level interest from investors.
In 2018 an interest has decreased sharply and many investors prefer classic startups.
2019 – what awaits the industry further? Why decentralized projects continue to be promising? How can an investor make the right choice?

Investing in 10X Innovation and Startups: the Case of Dubai and Dubai Silicon Oasis
Official awards ceremony for StartUp Battle
Family offices

The main investment trend in the entire world. How does a system work and how the projects for investment are selected? What could be attractive in Ukraine and among Ukrainian projects for international family offices?

Networking Afterparty
Stage 2 Panel discussions
Crowdfunding. Experience of the successful cases

- Competition among projects - how to draw investors' attention to your project?
- The surge in fraud and its implications for crowdfunding.
- How to convince the investor that your project will be implemented after collecting money?
- Why do some projects collect investments, while others do not? Recommendations from a successful case.

Startups & Funds – the way of looking at the investments

- Why your requests to fund could stay without the answer?
- How to arrange a meeting with the investor?
- Presentation for the fund: what do startups talk about and what do investors want to hear.
- Criteria that funds pay attention to when choosing projects for investment.
- What is more important: a promising idea or a bright presentation?

Accelerator: a vital necessity or unnecessary component

- To accelerate or not?
- What do Accelerator Investors want, and/or where is the money coming from?
- What are the Ecosystems and what changes expect in the future?
- Insights from International participants about what makes Ukraine attractive?

Startup battle
The horizons of innovation in the financial sector

- What innovations for customers are being introduced by banks now and are planned in the near future?
- In which direction to create a startup in order to receive investments from the bank?
- FinTech development – how the ecosystem will be changed.
- Why Cybersecurity Is Becoming A Top-Priority Investment.

The most perspective industries for investment: Development and Infrastructure

- Modern trends: which technologies, startups, and projects are more necessary and more important?
- Smart cities -risks and prospects: what to expect in the next 5-10 years.
- Dubai, Singapore, London: is it possible to create a modern metropolis in Ukraine and how much can it cost?
- Investing in Ukraine: money for money or a contribution to the development.

The most perspective industries for investment: Sustainable Energy and Agriculture

- Agro and energy – do they go in different directions or is symbiosis possible?
- Redirection of investment flows – what are the prospects for uniting the spheres for the sake of the development.
- How will technological innovations affect both areas?
- Alternative energy – the global trend, the need or the scaring tales of environmentalists.
- Modern farm: the perfect image in Europe, America, Asia, and Ukraine.
- Investing in innovation: what new areas to invest in.

EHealth - is investing in our health, ESports - is investing in our fun & entertainment, but why does fintech grow so much faster?

- New technologies will better understand our data on the state of health in real time, will this data become new gold, with a basis in fintech?
- Is there a market for investments in e-sports, e-health and how to create it with new technologies?
- What can fintech learn from eSports if we look at the use and implementation of digital assets?
- What to invest? In games, in people, infrastructure or something else?

Investing in decentralized projects

- The rules and perspectives of the market.
- The role of exchanges and stock exchanges: can we be without them?
- What should miners do? How do traders feel?
- Are decentralized projects and smart contracts the basis for a smart city?

Who owns the world or investment in the media of the future

- Two extremes: an overabundance of information, when it becomes impossible to distinguish facts from fakes.
- Why in information will become the main value in the future?
- How to invest in information now?
- Innovations in the media: information resources of the new generation - what are they?
- What mediа projects should pay attention to?

Expo zone
2000+ participants
120 stands
10+ industries

The biggest in the country exhibition of startups, ICO’s, and companies in the areas of finance, IT, modern technology, development, and marketing.

Invest Summit Expo - a unique event, that gathers over 120 organizations, that provide advanced technologies and services in various industries, under the same roof.

We have studied the experience of the best exhibitions and conferences from all over the world, and have prepared an absolutely unique product for you. The Invest Summit Expo will bring together only the leading companies in the following areas:

  • Development
  • Investments
  • Blockchain
  • ICO
  • The state
  • Smart technologies
  • Market and trends
  • Gaming

Finished products, perspective startup's and ICO’s, technical innovations and services for the development and promotion of your business. Everything that is needed for a successful project creation is collected in one place and at one time - at the Invest Summit Expo.

Set the stand

StartUp Battle

Startup battle - an open event for startups and investors.

Participants get:

  • a Pitch-Deck experience
  • valuable advises and recommendations
  • gifts from partners
  • wide popularity in the investment community

The most interesting projects will be presented to a wide range of investors and funds, and will also get a chance to win an investment prize from the Invest Summit organizers. Investors have a unique opportunity to choose the most promising teams for successful investments, and to hear the opinions of the area experts about prospective startups.

Present a StartUp

Speed Mentoring
1 hour
3 directions
10 speakers

Speed Mentoring - based on the concept of speed dating, but in business; an effective method of mentoring.

This format allows the most efficient ideas exchange about professional development and targets with the opportunity to agree on a format of further cooperation.

Meet up, exchange contacts, discuss the most relevant and trendy in the field you are interested in. In the conditions of a crazy rhythm of life, useful acquaintances are relevant and important as ever.

1 day
6 continents
150 companies
3000+ contacts

Networking - is the art of purposeful business connections and is an inalienable part of a business, a real ocean of opportunities for the partnerships creations, new beginnings, and knowledge of the main areas of business.

The golden networking rule: think, how can you be useful to the person and not how he can be useful for you.

Meet up, exchange knowledge and experience, conduct negotiations, create new opportunities for yourself and your project.

Venue of the summit

NSC Olimpiyskiy

For our conference, we chose the main cultural and sports arena of Ukraine - NSC Olimpiyskiy. The place of the most significant events in the country.

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