Day: July 4, 2021

What Everyone is Saying About Garment Summit Is Dead Wrong And Why

Textile SummitMany companies have tailored the massively successful airline frequent flyer loyalty program to their enterprise to encourage customer loyalty and to boost gross sales. I’ve seen this idea efficiently utilized by booksellers, bakers, coffee houses, shoe shops and hairdressers.

When creating knockouts in your foil masks or in your CMYK print file, beware there may be a “Halo” of white around the knockout space. To stop this, (in Photoshop) grow/stroke the foil space in the mask by 1-2 pixels. Other applications may also allow you to do that. It will permit the foil to bleed into the CMYK space, lowering the white “Halo” effect. It’s also possible to fill within the knockout with a color to further cut back the halo effect.

For those who like the thought, contemplate the following:

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – Do not overlook the simple process of designing your website so that it is search …